Who organizes LKBW?

LKBW is a project brought to you by the team behind the beer shop Že v redu, Primož, Pivnica Lajbah (pub w. 23 taps and lots of food) and the beer distribution company Ne toči, Peter. The idea was growing for quite some time and the reason for it is the same as with all the above mentioned projects. Že v redu, Primož was opened because we were of the opinion that Ljubljana needs another high-quality beer shop. We opened Pivnica Lajbah because there was no place in the center of Ljubljana, where one could enjoy fine craft beer and eat something other than a burger or pizza.

Our vision

Another reason for LKBW is that we think Ljubljana deserves an event where brewers and craft beer aficionados from around the world can get together. In summary, the two main reasons are our passion and love for craft beer, forming a magical triangle of life’s finest pleasures in combination with travelling and good food.


After 4 years working in the craft beer industry, numerous visits to various breweries and beer festivals where we made new friends and gathered business contacts, the decision was made in early 2019: “Ljubljana deserves not only a craft beer festival, it deserves a week-long happening.” And here we are, almost ready for the first edition. We realize it will not be perfect, but we’re fine with that, as we consider LKBW a long-term project under which some minor events like LKBW Summer and Winter Edition will be organized every year. We do everything with passion and our love for beer, at the same time we’re trying to contribute to the craft movement, community or subculture.

23 - 29

We have carefully chosen end of March for the event, as there are no other festivals taking place at that time with a similar international cast and the brewers can attend in person. Festivals in other European cities are not starting before April. During the LKBW week we will also crown Ljubljana the European craft beer capital

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