General event information

Where will LKBW take place?

LKBW starts on Monday 23 March, the opening will take place at Že v redu, Primož on Trubarjeva street and will continue throughout the week. Various events will take place at several spots from Tuesday to Friday. All this will keep intensifying until Saturday 28 March, when the main event will take place at the Festival Hall. The week-long happening will come to an end on Sunday with a soft landing at Pivnica Lajbah.

What about tickets?

Admission to all events is free of charge, except the main event. You can get tickets for the main event at and in beer shop Že v redu, Primož. If the event will not be sold out, tickets will also be available at the main event.

What’s the main event?

The main event will take place at the Festival Hall, it will feature 28 breweries from around the world. It will be divided into two tasting sessions, each brewery will put two different kegs. The first will be unfolding from 14:00 until 18:00 and the second part from 19:00 until 23:00. After 23:00 the after-party begins in Klub Božidar which is attached to the Festival Hall.

What’s the pricing going to be like?

The ticket for the main event costs EUR 7.90. A high-quality glass with the LKWB logo, two tokens and a booklet in which all breweries and beers are listed are included in the price. You use tokens to pay for beer. The price of one token is EUR 1, the average price of beer will be EUR 1 per 1 dcl of beer. The beer will be poured 1 or 2 dl per serving.

What about other food and drinks at the main event?

Water in plastic bottles and tap water will also be available at the event. There will also be one gin and one coffee stand. In front of the hall there will be food trucks offering a wide range of culinary treats.

What about accommodation?

You must book accommodation in the city. End of March the city is not yet flooded with visitors, so there are still lots of options available – hotels, hostels and private rooms or apartments.

Will the event also be held in case of bad weather?

Bad weather will not stop us, as all event locations are covered and the weather should not affect the happening.

Can I become part of LKBW?

If you want to help us as a volunteer and actively take part in the week-long happening, send us an email to